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‘What?’ is an interactive art piece that shares positive mental health messages in seven languages. It was co-created with a group of young people, some very new to Canada, interested in promoting positive mental health and challenging the stigma related to mental illness.

The words you will see are stigmatizing ones that we often hear when people talk about mental health. Click on the words, watch them vanish, and see a positive message appear. The youth that created this art piece have also created translation in their native languages of Arabic, French, Kirdish, Spanish, Swahili and Tagalog. Their message is clear: Mental illness affects us all. Reach out. Get help. Give help.

Thank you to our partners in this project, Youth for Health (Y4H), and to the youth team for their inspiration and hard work in creating this interactive tool: Alicia, Amanda, Camila, Christel, Hydery, Jacqueline, Jeff, Jose, Nayra, Rezan, Robert, Yamile and Zain.

This project is funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

When you launch the tool, it will open in another window.