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Alone But Not Lonely

Being alone doesn't have to be lonely. It can be very enjoyable, restorative and fun! Here are some tips to help you learn to enjoy your own company.

Take a snowy walk and leave your music player behind. Don't be afraid to be alone with your thoughts. #MYMTips

Indulge yourself and do something that you love without letting yourself feel guilty about it. You deserve a break. #MYMTips

"Down time" is great, but adding just 1-2 small tasks/plans to your agenda can help add shape to your day. #MYMTips

Alone time can be SUPER productive. Tackle a chore, project or craft and set a goal to get it done by January 1st. #MYMTips

Gratitude is a key ingredient in resilience. Take a minute to think about 1-2 things you're thankful for. #MYMTips

Volunteering can be a great source of comfort, purpose & connection over the holidays. Find out more at #MYMTips

Treat yourself to some compliments! Use social media to ask people you know & trust to explain what they like best about you. #MYMTips

Even if you're alone over the holidays, decorate your house! Twinkle lights are magic! #MYMTips

Let family/friends know ahead of time if you plan on spending holidays alone. It gives them time to get used to the idea. #MYMTips

Spend a whole day planning, shopping for and cooking a brand new recipe/meal for yourself. Savour the result! #MYMTips

Create a mantra highlighting the things you love about YOU. Repeat it to your reflection each morning. #MYMTips

Get up and move! Doing something physically active has been proven to improve mood! #MYMTips

If you've got time off this season, think of one skill you'd like to improve on. Devote time to practicing it. #MYMTips

Alone over the holidays? Make the most of it! Dye your hair, binge on your fave show, eat your fave foods! #MYMTips

Sleeping habits can get off track while on holidays, especially if you're on your own. Try to keep regular sleep hours. #MYMTips

Seeing a movie alone can be so relaxing and enjoyable. Try it! Most movie theatres are open Christmas day! #MYMTips

It's a great time of year for people watching, if that's your thing. Head out, grab a seat, and watch the world go by. #MYMTips

Do something you've been putting off because no one will go with you and take yourself on a date. #MYMTips

Think of a grudge you have against yourself and try to forgive it. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. #MYMTips

Spend some alone time writing letters to people in your life. Actual HANDWRITTEN ones. Guaranteed to brighten their day! #MYMTips

Take time to see the hidden beauty in each moment. Stop tweeting and take time to enjoy the sights and sounds of winter. #MYMTips

Make an actual list of your strengths to post where you can see it. Add to it as you discover more about yourself. #MYMTips

Face your life with child-like enthusiasm. Check out the lights, window shop, build a snowman! #MYMTips

Get to bed early. Enjoy being able to wake up, eat breakfast and take your time with yourself rather than rushing. #MYMTips

Learning mindfulness can be the greatest gift you can give yourself. Find an app that can help you get started. #MYMTips

Grab your phone/camera and create a photo collage of things that you love, goals that you have, quotes that motivate you. #MYMTips

Take a positive trip down memory lane. Create a playlist of your favourite songs from childhood to now. #MYMTips

Surprise someone with a random act of kindness. Shovel a driveway, leave a nice card for a stranger etc. #MYMTips

Wake up early and have a cup of coffee or tea and watch the sun rise. It really is something to see. #MYMTips

Setting epic goals is the trend this time of year. Make a list of 5 SMALLER goals that you can get done in a few weeks. #MYMTips

Create a new tradition that you can celebrate on your own. There are lots of interesting ideas on the web. #MYMTips