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Being Kinder to Others

Contrary to popular belief, it isn't always easy to be kind to others. So practice a little kindness in your daily life whenever possible.

Being a kinder person is not a simple or easy process. Know that it takes time and effort to change your impression.

You can't fake kindness. Genuine interest equals genuine connections. Be honest and sincere with others.

Being nice is not the same as being a doormat. You can disagree with people and still be kind about it. Practice.

Being nice means being nice to everyone, not just to the people you think can give you something valuable in return.

There are no situations where you should not aim to be nice. A waiter deserves as much kindness as a CEO.

Don't be overly critical. Being kind is also about making compromises and finding ways to understand others better.

Being nice opens lots of doors. Being smart, wealthy or beautiful might help, but being kind is instantly appealing.

Stop talking about yourself so much. Be interested in what others think; don't just wait for an opportunity to talk.

Being kind to one person is absolutely worth it. While the world might not notice, that one person certainly will!

Don't just ignore topics you find boring. Inquire more deeply. You'll find a story in there somewhere!

Practice being nice. Try it on the bus or in the elevator. One positive interaction can change someone's whole day.

Being kind means being slow and deliberate in your words and actions. Life isn't about finishing first, but the journey.

Be on time and prepared for meetings. Being nice means respecting other people's time and other obligations.

Make a point of being nice to yourself. You are worth every bit of respect and love that you share with the world.

Take the time to embrace your passions. Nothing makes you kinder than being happy and in love with life!

Identify the negatives in your life. Elimate what you can and what will remain is a happier, kinder you.

Figure out who the important people in your life are. Think up some unique ways to be kind to them.

Spend time with other kind people. Watch what they do and take notice of reactions. It can be great inspiration.

Take care of the people that matter to you. Buy a friend coffee or pick up donuts for your coworkers.

Being nice isn't about doing it until you get what you want. Being nice is a lifestyle choice. You have to want to make it.

Resist the urge to gossip. It might feel good in the moment, but take pride in knowing that you are a better person.

Try to respond to people regularly and respectfully; don't wait too long to reply to emails, texts or phone calls.

Let others know when you have had a great experience. Compliment those who do their work with a positive attitude.

Be thankful for the good things. Heck, be thankful for the average things, because they're not the bad things.

Assume that people are generally nice. If someone upsets you, consider that they might not have meant to.

If you screw up and upset someone, give them a heartfelt apology and move on. Blaming something else won't help.

Mentor others on how you would like to be treated. Don't cut them off or yell when someone upsets you.

When you're mad at someone, write down three things you appreciate about them. They are more than their faults.

Praise others. If you let them know you notice them at their best, they'll be more thoughtful at their worst.

Give back to the community. Volunteering is an incredibly kind gift; you'll see the difference you make every day.