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Body Acceptance

Body Acceptance

These tips are about body acceptance, fatphobia, and how to combat difficult body image days. Every body is beautiful!

Our perception of our body is often built around the projection of others' opinions. Summertime can be a challenging season when you might struggle to love the body you have. Remember that EVERY body is deserving of wearing clothing that matches the season!

Accepting our bodies can be an incredibly difficult challenge. During the summer, images are everywhere of one body type that has become the standard. Take time to see all of the different body types and find beauty in all bodies!

Not every body looks the same! In real life no one has the exact same body as someone else. We are all unique and beautiful! Give your mind a break from critiquing your body and be conscious of your self talk. You and your body deserve the break!

Journal your thoughts & feelings about your body and some of the challenges you experience during summer. When you write, include ways you can spend time doing the things you enjoy. Consider talking with a counsellor if you find yourself struggling with your body image.

Make a list of affirmations about yourself and your body. You can use sticky notes, make a collage, or do something else creative. Have your affirmations available to see often and repeat them out loud!

The ideal body was born out colonization & white culture. Beauty standards are narrow & socially-constructed, & our bodies may not meet them. Challenge the way this culture views body standards & seek out alternative dialogues from different people, cultures, and media.

Bathing suits!!!!!!!! We know putting one on can be agonizing. Find something YOU feel comfortable in. Check out places like Etsy or Instagram to find people or places that sell different styles of swimwear.

Guess what? Your body is not the most interesting thing about you! You have so much to offer beyond your physical appearance. You are more than a body.

You don't have to tackle your body image and/or eating issues alone. NEDIC provides information, resources, referrals and support to Canadians affected by eating disorders.

Food is not a moral issue. There is no such thing as good or bad food. Just like there is no such thing as a good or bad body. So please, nourish yourself with food that makes you feel at your best.

The way we talk to our bodies reflects the way we treat our bodies. Check out this post from Psychosocial for 6 body neutral affirmations.

Weight gain is not failure. Our bodies will change and grow over time and that's okay. If you're worried about how others will perceive your body, take a look at this post by

Moving from "fatphobia" to "anti-fat bias." Read this article I’m a Fat Activist. I Don’t Use the Word Fatphobia. Here’s Why to learn about how this increasingly popular term might not be helping to change the dialogue.

Did you know that the diet industry has robbed us from knowing how to feed our bodies? Check out this podcast review Happiness Lab Podcast Series, by Elora, for more info.

Looking for real and relatable ED recovery content? Follow William Hornby on TikTok!

Clothes are meant to fit us, we're not meant to fit our clothes! When our bodies change and an item of clothing fits differently, that's okay. Rather than attempting to change our bodies to fit old clothes, why not try donating them, selling them, or thrifting new ones?

Wondering what actually constitutes an eating disorder? Check out Eating Disorders - An Overview in the llnesses section for a comprehensive overview.

Our relationships with food and our body are complicated. Food is a coping mechanism that we might use to feel in control, or to self-soothe when things go wrong. This is okay! Do what you need to do and be kind to yourself when it comes to the way you experience food.

Social media can be toxic, with discussions of diet culture, fat-shaming, & the "perfect" body. When you see posts from influencers, think about what they're trying to influence. If this mission doesn't make you feel empowered & accepted, unfollow them!

Summertime might mean wearing more revealing clothes, and this can make us self-concious about not only our body, but our skin. Remember that conditions like eczema & psoriasis, as well as body hair, tan lines, & imperfections, are normal! They don't change your worth.

Jamila Jameel (@jameelajamil) founded a community initative dedicated to radical inclusivity. @i_weigh exists to amplify, advocate, & pass the mic, exploring issues that stem from mental health to body image to the representation of marginalized groups. Check it out!

Our bodies have been changing a lot since 2020. When you think about these changes, remember that your body ultimately kept you alive through a global pandemic... It deserves love and kindness for this, and so do you!

Intuitive eating is based on the principle that you honour your body's hunger and needs. Your body will tell you what it needs, you are the expert of your own body. Read Kathryn's blog, Let’s Taco 'Bout It: Intuitive Eating?, for more info!

In this @voguemagazine interview, Lizzo Wants to Redefine the Body-Positivity Movement, artist @lizzo talks about body positivity, normativity, and acceptance, amongst other things!

Language matters, especially with the way we discuss our body image. When someone is having a bad body image day, they might say they "feel fat". Here are alternatives to that harmful phrase, SEVEN THINGS YOU MIGHT BE FEELING WHEN YOU “FEEL FAT”.     

Men face body image anxiety too. Katherine A. Phillips wrote this compelling article,, about the impact of ‘beach body’ culture on men and how it affects their mental health too.

We know social media can sometimes be detrimental to body image. Check out these amazing body positive artists creating empowering content!

Appreciate what your body DOES every day. Your body is your home and does amazing things for you. Try to shift your focus away from how your body looks by thinking about all the positive things it does to keep you alive and healthy.

Worries about body image can start at a very young age. That’s why it’s important to support our youth and encourage positive relationships with their bodies. Here’s some great advice Body Image and Self-Esteem.

Best friends Ashley Torres and Kristina Zias went viral after showing each of their unique bodies side by side in the same swimsuits, proving that every body is a beautiful bikini body.

Try keeping a physical or mental list of the things you love most about yourself that have nothing to do with your appearance. When anxious body image feelings start to creep in, you can refer to these things and know that you are so much more than your worries.