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Building a Better Community

There are lots of moments when you need to market yourself, and while each one is unique, there are some things you can always do to set yourself ahead.

Don't underestimate the positive effect a community can have in your life. Expect great things and they may happen.

Explain to others why your community is unique and worthwhile. Invite them to join and share in your passions.

If your schedule is too unpredictable to commit to a regular group, one online might be just what you're looking for.

The best communities are built on diversity. Embrace it and make changes so new members feel comfortable.

Be willing to put yourself out there. Longing for a group can't be the end of the journey; keep looking!

Don't be afraid to get to know people you normally wouldn't-- it could be an incredibly rewarding experience.

Consider sharable activities-- there may already be groups for readers, gamers, or aspiring cooks nearby.

Identify things that would improve your current community and look for groups who might fund your work.

Don't be afraid to take the first step towards change. Others in your group also want to feel engaged.

Making time is hard, but don't let things slide. Do whatever you can to attend when you say you will.

Reach out to local, provincial and global organizations and make sure your voice is heard!

Form a study group, especially if the topic is dry-- collaboration can breathe new life into old habits.

Attend community events-- there are dozens happening monthly, no matter where you live.

Try out new experiences with a friend. Make sure to engage with the group and not just hide with them.

Start your own group. Hang up posters around the city with dates and times for meeting and see who comes.

Find a hashtag to follow or join a Facebook group. Share in the discussions and community that already exists.

Consider what you have time for. Too busy for weekly meetings? A monthly group can help you feel more involved.

Head to the library and see what free courses/ activities they offer. Educate yourself while you meet people.

Share the task of leadersip with others who share your interest. Be co-leaders and feed off each other's energy.

Take time to have a meal with someone you enjoy talking to. Let the conversation come naturally.

Ask your friends what they do in their free time. Their favourite hobby could become yours too.

Make a point of greeting your neighbors regularly. Daily hellos can lead to great relationships.

Engage experts on topics you want to know more about and ask them to help you educate others.

Head to the farmer's market, buy some fresh produce and chat with the merchants. Go with friends, if possible.

Don't underestimate what you bring to a group. Your passion is valuable, even if it doesn't always seem like it.

Try to understand your fear of connecting with others. Consider why and how you might overcome this.

Volunteer with a group whose mission you care about. Make new friends through this shared experience.

Are you skilled with technology, knitting, cooking, etc.? Offer to teach others you meet, if they're interested.

Look for businesses that offer one free class and try it out. Discover a new passion without a full committment.

Strengthen your old communities. Consider meeting more or less often, or set a regular date to hang out.