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Building Positive Self-Esteem

It's easy to get down on yourself when things don't go as planned. The important thing is how you react and how you feel about yourself afterwards.

Treat yourself like a friend. Whenever you feel like being critical, be supportive and loving instead.

Make a list of things you love about yourself. Whenever you feel bad, look at it and focus on your strengths.

Accept when you make mistakes. Rather than belittling yourself, focus on improving yourself for next time.

Try not to project your worries on others. You might think the worst of yourself, but most people won't notice.

Speak to others respectfully and expect the same in return. Tell people if you are offended by what they say.

Set realistic goals and reassess them as needed. Don't beat yourself up for expectations that were unreachable.

It's okay to be disappointed in yourself sometimes but realize your self worth isn't your grades or your job.

Keep a book of positive notes for when you're feeling down. Look back on past accomplishments.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness -- it's a sign of strength and willingness to grow. Be proud.

Don't rely on others to build self-worth. Congratulate and reward yourself for good work, even if no one notices.

Borrow a library book about self-confidence. Feeling informed can be a great way to increase confidence.

Respect yourself and your values. Surround yourself with people who do the same.

Try to eat better. What you put in your body affects your mood and how you feel about yourself.

Credit yourself for your efforts. Even if you don't achieve a goal, congratulate yourself for trying valiantly.

Changing how you see yourself will not happen overnight-- accept that this is a lifetime goal. You're on your way!

Take time to celebrate your achievements. Even if it's something little, it can have a huge effect.

Everyone struggles with esteem sometimes, even people who pretend they don't care. You are not alone.

Focus on having fun. Don't let your fears hold you back from participating and doing the things you love.

Be patient with others and don't put them down. Change your reaction to others; change your reaction to yourself.

Don't let one negative thought spiral into others. One bad grade means you did bad once; that's all. It’s from our mistakes that we learn the most. 

Live in the present. Tomorrow might be better or worse, but the best you can do is prepare for today.

Let yourself feel your negative emotions, but don't get swept up in it. Emotions should come and go.

Accept the things you can't change. Focus on what you can do to improve and leave the negative behind.

Silence your inner critic. If your first thought is a negative one, try re-framing and hoping for the best.

You have weaknesses, and that's okay! You are still worthy in spite of your faults. Never forget it.

Try new things. Take pride in your new skills and the effort you dedicated to improving.

Think in the 3rd person. It's silly, but people are more forgiving of others. Calling yourself by name CAN help!

Help someone who needs it. You might find that making a difference makes you feel better about yourself.

Exercise for the emotional payoff. Moving around doing something you love and don't belittle your efforts.

Repeat positive phrases to yourself daily. Over time, you'll start to believe them and see your own worth.