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Celebrating 2SLGBTQIA+ People, Culture, and Accomplishments!

June is Pride Month worldwide, dedicated to recognizing and honouring diverse gender and sexual identities. These tips to celebrate 2SLGBTQIA+ people, culture, and accomplishments, both past and present!

June is here and we're celebrating a month of #Pride with our 2SLGBTQIA+ friends and family! Canada has been celebrating Pride as far back as the early 70s, and this year is no exception. It's a great month to learn, unlearn, and discover the beauty of Pride!

#DYK that Canada's first gay publication was in 1971? The Body Politic was founded in Toronto and was published until 1987. Pink Triangle Press has since taken over publication and goes out to Toronto, Ottawa & Vancouver! is an international organization that brings together 2SLGBTQIA+ youth, their families and allies to advance equality, support education and advocacy! Join the conversation by being part of your local chapter!

Check out this love story about two of Canada's Olympic Athletes, Georgia Simmerling & Stephanie Labbe! Loving, healthy relationships are wonderful to have and seeing this kind of representation is wonderful!

Svend Robinson came out in 1988 when he was MP of British Columbia. He came out during an interview with CBC reporter Barbara Frum!

Be You Apparel & Co. based out of Woodstock, Ontario is doing amazing work. Check out their clothing line 25% of proceeds in June are going to to the PRISM program with BBBS in Oxford County!

Head over to and learn more about what's happening in Canada, history, current events, education resources, and more!

Wondering how to practice allyship this #Pride month? Check out this 2019 article from @voxmedia for some reminders.

Did you know you can officially add your pronouns to your Instagram profile now? Here's how on from CBS News.

So much of #Pride is rooted in activist history, & the 2SLGBTQIA+ community wouldn't be where it is without the passionate ones who started the #Stonewall riots. For more context on the 1969 Stonewall Inn uprising, check out this timeline.

@egalecanada is an organization with a mission to improve the lives of 2SLGBTQI people in Canada & enhance the global response to 2SLGBTQI issues. Read more about what Egale does in this blog by Scarlett, Resource Feature: Egale.

Looking for something new to watch while also celebrating #Pride? Why not try one of these 54 shows on Netflix, as recommended by @samdamshenas.

For Black History Month this past February, @ashleighraet wrote about Black queer Canadians who are inspiring the next generation of queer leaders. Read the full Global News article 3 Black Canadians on inspiring the next generation of queer leaders.

The media we consume shapes the way we think, and this is especially true when it comes to #Pride. This month, make an effort to follow outlets that celebrate self-expression and the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, like @them, @xtramagazine, @pinknews, @gaytimes, or @lgbt_news.

Did you know the largest Pride Parade in the world is in Brazil? The São Paulo Gay Pride Parade broke the Guinness World Record for the world's largest Pride parade, with 2.5 million attendees in 2006!

Elliot Page is a trans Canadian actor. Following his coming out this year, Elliot spoke with TIME about what this journey has been like and the work that still needs to be done in fighting for trans equality.

Education plays a pivotal role in combatting ignorance and inequality. Take time to learn about 2SLGBTQIA+ rights in Canada.

In 1974, a group of 4 lesbians were evicted from a Toronto bar for singing a song. Their case raised awareness about homophobia & harassment in Canada, & fueled the city's growing LGBTQ+ rights movement. Learn more about #HearOurStory.

You've likely seen the 6-stripe #Pride flag, but are you aware of the Progress Flag? Designed by Daniel Quasar, this flag features the classic 6 stripes, black and brown stripes to represent people of colour, and baby blue, pink & white to include the trans flag.

“Hope will never be silent.” - Harvey Milk, legendary gay activist. Find more quotes on TalkSpace

@LGBTYouthLine is a Queer, Trans, Two-Spirit* youth-led organization that affirms & supports the experiences of Ontario youth. They offer confidential & non-judgemental peer support through phone, text & chat. Find resources & get support at

Did you catch this new animated short by @Pixar? "Out" is Disney and Pixar's first short to feature a gay main character and storyline! Representation matters, especially in film. Watch the trailer on YouTube, Out!

It's okay if you're not ready or able to come out. There's no rush and #Pride month is still for you.

Best quote by David Rose on Schitt's Creek "Sometimes love is all about the wine and not the label. Whether it's red wine, white wine, or no wine at all #Pride celebrates what's on the inside."

Support 2SLGBTQIA+ owned small businesses, artists, and authors! The community is rich with innovation and creativity and this is a great way to show your support year round.

Did you know PRIDE is actually an acronym? It stands for Personal Rights In Defense and Education.

An easy way to keep up with what's happening in the 2SLGBTQIA+ community is to follow prominent members on social media! Here is a list of awesome people to get you started.

June isn't over yet! Continue to show support by showing up (or logging in) to events near you throughout #Pride month.

"Allyship is a verb, a process, a continuous action." quote from WELL+GOOD. The 2SLGBTQIA+ community deserves to be celebrated 12 months of the year. Always continue to educate yourself and grow after #Pride month ends!