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Celebrating Small Wins

Celebrating small wins: these tips will focus on how these little successes should be a big deal.

One of the most important reminders you can give yourself today is that small or little successes are what keep us going on the way to acheiving our bigger picture goals! Accomplishing something every day is a win. Remember to celebrate the simple things daily!

Don't have time to get in a full workout, or even a few exercises? Instead, take 5-10 minutes to give your full body a proper stretch! Take your time, stretch each area slowly, & remember to breathe. It's a great way to ground yourself & do something good for your body.

The power of progress is often forgotten when we're working towards our goals! Celebrating small wins daily can help us remember that, bit by bit, we are working towards getting where we want to be.

If you don't already, keep a journal book on hand to write down what your little wins are every so often. When you're not having a great day, you can go back to your responses and see how much progress you might be making overall!

Take a look in the mirror today and smile :) You've been doing a great job and are doing the best you can. Be proud of how far you've come. Even if this is all you do today, a smile with some gratitude can be a pretty huge win!

Choosing water as your default drink of the day is a great way to celebrate a small win! You're hydrating your body and helping flush toxins to keep yourself healthy!

It's okay if you don't get everything done on your to-do list! One thing accomplished is a win! Some days we just need to lay low and that's okay!

Simple things we do daily are all part of the bigger picture! Remember that ANY task you accomplish is helping you reach where you want to go. You're doing awesome, keep at it!

On the days you're struggling to find the meaning and purpose to the "why" take a few moments to step outside, meditate, journal, or share your feelings with a trusted friend. Small wins are about being honest with ourselves and giving ourselves the care we need.

Decorate your planner, calendar or colouring book! Giving your mind a chance to slow down, have fun, and get creative gives us the energy to keep doing the little things along the way! So many small wins in a day! How are you going to celebrate them?!

'Eating healthier' can be a daunting task, especially when so many of us are working or studying from home. Rather than trying to adjust every meal, try starting smaller and set goals that feel more managable for you - like eating one more piece of fruit a day or having at least one serving of protein each weekend.

Need a small win today? Get some fresh air! If you can't go for a quick walk or even step outside, crack a window and sit near it. Your body will thank you!

A great way to celebrate small wins is to share them with people who love and support you. Did something you're proud of today? Text a family member, message a peer, or call a friend!

Recognizing small wins isn't just about having a reason to feel good each day - it can also make us more productive and happier at work! Read more in this @HarvardBiz The Power of Small Wins.

Consistently celebrating small wins by rewarding yourself for them can be a way to combat long-term burnout. Rather than working tirelessly toward a goal that's weeks or months away, take time to reward yourself for the things you accomplish on a daily or weekly basis!

Not sure what classifies as a small win? Consider your only goal to be getting out of bed in the morning & going back to sleep at night. Now that, or anything extra that you do in between, is a small win!

Successfully setting a boundary is one of the biggest small wins you can have! Saying 'no' or prioritizing your own needs is difficult, so every time you do it, be sure to pat yourself on the back.

If you want to celebrate small wins but you're not sure how, try making a list of things you enjoy (e.g. a nice cup of tea, an afternoon nap, games, or time for painting or drawing). When you accomplish a small win, turn to this list for options to treat yourself!

We're often harder on ourselves than we are on the people we love. Every time you accomplish something small but think it's 'no big deal,' imagine what you would tell a loved one who did the same thing. Now say that to yourself!

Wondering how to make the small wins work for you? Check out this @TedTalks by Mehrnaz Bassiri (@gritisanoun)

Unsure of how to acknowledge a small win? Repeat a celebratory mantra! Tell yourself "I am capable," "I can do hard things," or "I can achieve anything!" These simple messages can help to build your confidence and encourage you to accomplish other small wins.

When celebrating a small win, take time to reflect on these questions: how does it feel to congratulate yourself? What does your body experience when you point out the small win to yourself?

Looking to celebrate small wins in your life but not sure where to start? Try the "Friday 5" ritual! Every Friday at 5pm grab a favourite drink or a snack and celebrate your successes of the week. If this time doesn't work for you, pick another time that does!

Did you know that when you actively celebrate your small wins, you’re actually practicing self-love? By recognizing your everyday successes, you help to affirm the love you have for yourself.

Acknowledging your small victories not only helps you but those around you. When others see you celebrate your wins, it invites them to celebrate their own too!

When making deadlines for a project or a goal, make sure they're not too rigid. By making them relaxed, you'll be able to experience more small wins.

Recognizing small wins help you keep track of how far you’ve come. This is especially beneficial when you’re trying to create a new habit or make a lifestyle change.

We get small wins almost every day! Make it a point to stop overlooking them and start noticing them.

It may sound too good to be true, but celebrating small wins actually increases your energy over time. That way you can accomplish more and more!

Celebrate the losses too. We grow and learn through our mistakes, and without these losses, we wouldn't be as grateful for the wins.