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Change of Seasons, Summer

With the change of seasons comes a chance to try something different. Liberate your mind, your senses, and your spirit. 

Look at the world upside down. Seeing things from a new perspective can change just about everything.

Spend an hour in silence just watching and listening. When you're finished, note everything you remember.

Take some time to meditate. Keep your eyes closed and focus on your breathing. Don’t try to control it, just feel it.

Choose something to count. Whether it's clouds, grass or sand, lose yourself in counting. Don't worry about being right!

Focus on things you can smell today. The rain, the heat rising off the sidewalk or a delicious meal.

Take a warm bath in the semi-darkness. When you settle in and relax, try to disconnect from your stresses.

Taste your food with your eyes closed and focus on each flavour. Try things you like and things you don't.

Sleep naked. Nothing makes you feel more free and relaxed than ditching a tight set of pajamas.

Spend some time watching the stars late at night. Try to get away from the city and see how many you can count.

Go to an art gallery, a theatre or a part of town you have never been before. Browse the area for points of interest.

Read a classic book. If you aren't sure where to start, ask a librarian for a suggestion that fits your likes.

Disconnect from your technology. Explore who you are and what you want to do when you're not plugged in.

Spend time with someone much older or younger than you. Ask them about the big questions in life.

Scare yourself (in a safe way). Try something you wouldn't normally do: learn to sing or wear a skirt instead of jeans.

Head to the park with all the toys you liked to play with as a kid. Blow bubbles, play with chalk or skip rope.

Sleep outside on the porch, in a tent, in a hammock. Curl up and enjoy the warmth of the season rushing over you.

Ask for and give hugs when you feel like it. Proper hugging is a life skill. Only practice on safe people though.

Count your blessings and find a way to celebrate life’s gift. Consider your talents, your friends and your memories.

Take a road trip. It doesn't have to be across the country-- try to get a group together for the beach or shopping.

Go barefoot whenever safe and possible. Feel the earth and grass between your toes and let your feet relax.

Pick your own food. There are lots of farms for picking fresh berries and more. Bring them home and make some pie!

Try out a new adventurous sport. Rock climbing, surfing or horseback riding are good places to start.

Try out some essential oils and see how they impact your mood. Added bonus, lavender can keep mosquitoes away!

Make some tea and throw it in the fridge. In a few hours, enjoy your homemade iced tea with your family and friends.

Grow some fresh herbs on a windowsill to liven up your cooking through the summer months.

Start a summer project. Always wanted to write a book or learn a new language? Start today!

Pick up some healthy snacks to have on-hand. Melons, berries and apples are all excellent options!

Go for a bike ride or a hike with friends somewhere you've never been. Take pictures along the way.

Enjoy salty snacks. Paired with water, they can help replenish all the nutrients we lose by sweating.

Try some new foods. If you've never been a fan of something, ask for a mild variety and get it prepared properly.