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Compassionate Personal Growth

Compassionate Personal Growth


With the start of a new year we often feel pressure to make changes, especially when we are comparing yourselves to others, so the theme for these tips is personal growth done in a compassionate way! 


It can be easy to start the year focused on all of your flaws or bad habits. Try writing an ongoing list of positive notes, traits, or accomplishments that you've made (big or small) over time. Keep it handy to look back at when you're feeling down on yourself.

While we can't erase the bad memories that may exist from last year, we can create new good memories this year! One way to try and do this? Plan a regular movie, games, or dinner night (or a different activity) with your friends!

Think of ways to reduce negative self-talk this year. You can start by repeating positive affirmations in part of your daily routine. Even a small change in routine can better our mental health. Look at January 2022 Affirmations to try.

Consider rearranging your room for this new year! It can help you declutter as well as help you to express creativity in your space. This new space can be a good way to bring in your goals and new memories for 2023!

A body scan meditation is a mindful way to help you be more aware of how stress manifests in your body.This may be a great addition to your toolkit, as it can help you to manage stress and its effects! Check Body Scan Meditation for instructions and give it a try.

It is important to separate your mistakes from your self-worth! Your mistakes do not define you as a person. It is through accepting mistakes as a learning experience that we can continue to work on ourselves.

Connecting socially through activities like dancing or hiking groups can improve your mental health as well as foster emotional well-being. Consider checking out your local library's events board or browsing through

Rekindling important relationships and fostering healthy forms of connection can be a great way to start your personal growth journey. Having these connections can help you introspect and learn about yourself from  different perspectives.

We can't expect our body to be at 100% everyday, so what we can achieve in a day has to be different too! Your to-do lists have to be adaptable to reflect where you're at and what's important.

If your living space feels overwhelming due to it being messy or disorganized, try setting a 5 minute timer and see what you can tidy or clean in that time. You may find once you've started that you feel able to continue after the timer. If not, that's okay too!

Trying something new can feel intimidating. Take a moment to reflect on why you want to do it. Try writing a plan on how you'll do it, breaking it down into steps that feel more manageable, and start moving down your list. Be kind to yourself in this new venture.

Setting boundaries can be so important for personal growth. Take time to consider what boundaries could be helpful for you to set, and think about how you'll respect boundaries that you recieve (as they may sometimes be tough). Write this out somewhere you'll see often.

Feeling like you constantly have to please others can take a toll on your mental health. If you feel this way, remind yourself that your needs and feelings matter too!

When working on personal growth, you might have several items on your list that you want to achieve. Tackling multiple at once can be overwhelming, this might lead to not accomplishing any of them. It's ok to work on one at a time. Remember it's a marathon, not a sprint!

Struggling with a goal? Try writing it out with a sentence or two on why it's important to you. Post it where you'll see it (e.g. nightstand, washroom mirror, desk etc.). You can do hard things! It's also ok to ask for help - you don't have to do this work alone.