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Coping with the Holidays

Here are some tips to help you manage your stress during the holidays and feel better.

Sometimes the simplest things can feel great. Warm yourself up with a cup of tea or hot chocolate.

Do something nice for someone else. It can make them happy and you!

Put on your favourite holiday music and decorate your house. Twinkling lights can make everything look magical!

If you’ve been keeping to yourself lately, now is a great time to reconnect w friends & family. It can be scary, but very rewarding

Try to make presents instead of buying - saves money & makes gifts more personal.

Get outside! Winter weather may not be appealing, but a walk, some fresh air, or a winter sport can all help to boost your mood.

Don't delay getting help for mental illness just b/c it's the holiday season. Your mental health comes first!

Recovery from mental illness is possible with a strong support system. Reach out to friends, fam & doctor over the holidays.

Stick to a healthy sleep schedule even over the holidays. Healthy sleep habits are vital for mental health & overall wellness.

Being stuck indoors doesn't have to be a drag. Make a gingerbread house, watch festive movies, or get crafty!

Go for a walk with a friend at night (if safe). Enjoy the cold crisp air, the moonlight and stars, plus all the Christmas lights!

Don't be discouraged if you don't get support from 1st person you ask for help. There is someone who will help. Keep reaching out.

Have you tried adult colouring books yet? They are great for mental wellness ! Try it this holiday season.

Many holidays include eating rich foods. A balanced & nutritious intake can have a big impact on your mental health.

Don't forget to meditate. A daily meditation practice can have significant improvements on mental health.

If you’re alone for the holidays, volunteer at a local shelter or hospital. You can brighten someone’s day who may also be alone.

Try to still make time for physical activity over the holidays. It can have a surprising impact on mental & emotional wellness.

Stressed about presents? Try giving or making a card with a thoughtful message of gratitude instead!

Instead of watching your usual holiday movies try a new (or old) one, like a classic or even black & white.

Enjoy a day of baking with friends, family, or enjoy this yummy activity alone! Find recipes on Pinterest to get inspired.

Is there's something you want to do but never seem to have time for? Schedule it over the holidays & make it happen!

Let loved ones know if you plan on being alone for the holidays & have a safety plan in case a crisis hits.

Although it may be tempting, avoid alcohol if there is a risk when mixing with your medications. It's not worth it.

Board games can be a fun & a relaxing distraction, this holiday, from tough & challenging mental health issues.

Dealing with loss during holidays can be tough. Honour loved ones with gratitude for beautiful memories. Share your experience with others.

Avoid shopping & busy malls this boxing day if you're anxious or claustrophobic. Sales are not important, your mental health is important.

Use time off over the holidays to get uncluttered & organized! Get it done by Jan 1st for a fresh start in the new year.

Love social media? Spend time today ONLY on positive, kind and loving posts that remind you the world is indeed a beautiful place.

Tis the season for a fresh start & new beginnings Forgive yourself for past mistakes or shortcomings. Breathe & let it go...

Acknowledge or celebrate your achievements of the year. Write down your strengths & let yourself feel proud. 

Make a commitment to yourself to make your mental and emotional healthy a priority in 2017. You deserve to feel happy & healthy!