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Coping with Winter and the Holidays

Although the holiday season can be exciting for some, it isn't great for everyone. Here are the little things to help you get through holiday season and beat the holiday blues!

The holiday season can be busy, but try and stick to your normal routine as much as possible!

Remember the holiday blues are short-term. Be patient and gentle with yourself. Take things week by week or day by day.

Eat and drink in moderation! It may be best to avoid alcohol altogether if you are feeling down.

68% of people feel strapped for cash during the holiday season. Set a budget and stick to it to help lessen your worries.

Take time for yourself, but don't isolate yourself! Spend time with supportive caring people, and rest when you need to.

Sometimes the holiday season can intensify your mental illness symptoms. Be sure to make time to go to your regular appointments and take your medication.

Despite our good intentions, remember that the holidays rarely turn out as planned. Focus on making them a special time for you, no matter what the circumstances.

You're allowed to feel how you want this holiday season! The holidays are especially difficult when our own feelings of sadness, loneliness, depression and anxiety are the opposite of those around us.

Anxiety about heading to a large family gathering? Plan ahead by preparing those family members or friends who may not know about your mental illness. This is a wonderful opportunity to help erase the stigma and shame too often associated with mental illness.

Know that it's okay not to be cheery during the holidays, it doesn't mean you're ungrateful! Check out Scarlett's blog for some validation when the holidays aren't so happy.

57% of people set unrealistic expectations for the holiday season. Set realistic goals and expectations for holiday activities, gift giving, entertaining and sending holiday cards.

Spending time with people you love is just as good as any gift!

Get outside and enjoy some fresh air and holiday lights! Keep active even on the coldest days!

Last holiday season wasn't so great? Live in the now! Try to let go of past regrets and experiences and find joy in the present moment.

Don't be too hard on yourself if your baking project doesn't look as planned! Share some laughter with these funny "Pinterest Fails".

Dealing with loss during holidays can be tough. Honour loved ones with gratitude for beautiful memories, but remember it's okay to take time to be sad too!

Try to make presents instead of buying. It saves money and makes gifts more personal.

Volunteering can be a great source of comfort, purpose and connection over the holidays. Find out more at

Don't want to spend time with your family this holiday season? Start a new tradition with friends to mix things up!

Do you ever feel "blah" or find you lack motivation in the winter months? Check out Marnie's blog about what she is going to try differently this winter to combat those "blahs"!

Being stuck indoors doesn't have to be a drag. Make a gingerbread house, watch festive movies, or get crafty!

Take time for you! Listen to music that helps you relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

Don't want to decorate for the holiday season? Try rearranging your room to maximize natural light!

Sometimes the holiday season can be overwhelming! Make a to-do list to keep things simple!

Today might be tough, or it may be great! Whatever the case, know that your feelings matter and you deserve to be in spaces with people who make you feel loved and enough.

Avoid shopping and busy malls this Boxing Day if you're anxious or claustrophobic. The sales will be on all week, or many will be online!

Spend some alone time writing letters to people in your life. Actual HANDWRITTEN ones. Guaranteed to make them feel warm and fuzzy inside!

Acknowledge or celebrate your achievements of the year - it's okay if surviving is the only one you can think of, it's a big one! Write down your strengths and let yourself feel proud.

Make a commitment to yourself to make your mental and emotional health a priority this year. You deserve to feel happy and healthy!

Happy New Year!! Be safe tonight and make a plan ahead of time to ensure you have a safe ride and a safe place to sleep!