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Falling in Love with Yourself

It can be easy to love others; loving ourselves doesn't come so easily. But you are worth it. Take time to get to know yourself and love the person you are.

Create a mantra that highlights the things you love about yourself. Repeat it to your reflection each morning.

Not reaching your goals? Think about little positive things you've done. Use them to motivate you to keep trying.

Acknowledge your effort, not your success. You are a success because you try, not because life comes easy.

Don't deny your mistakes; big or small. Accept when you are wrong and realize that no one is always right.

Get up and move! Doing something physically active has actually been proven to improve mood!

Think about what you really want. Once you've figured that out, getting there is only half the battle.

Take some time to be thankful for what you have. Chances are, you're better off than most.

Pick up some poetry. Not every kind will appeal to you, but the one that speaks to you can be life affirming!

Pamper yourself. Got some extra cash? Get a massage. Tight on cash? Take a relaxing bath at home.

Find some foods that you love to eat and make you feel good! Cut out things that make you feel bad after eating.

Stop worrying about everything-- instead, look for a way to solve them. Alternatively, accept things you can't change.

Learn to forgive yourself. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. Forgive yourself as you forgive others.

Give yourself an honest compliment and accept it. Try to see the good that others see in you.

Identify your strengths and abilities. Once you know, think of what makes each one valuable.

Write yourself a love letter. Pretend you are someone else and be honest about all your positive attributes.

Love your body. Consider what each part is capable of. Be proud of your callouses, scars and stretch marks.

Live in the moment. Savour your current accomplishments rather than stressing about next steps.

Do something you've been putting off because no one will go with you and take yourself on a date.

Don't lie to yourself. Be honest about what you're bad at and and work to change yourself for the better.

Find a new way to grow spiritually (however that manifests for you). Get in touch with what matters.

Take time to see the hidden beauty in each moment. Stop tweeting and take time to sniff the flowers.

Focus on your inner beauty. For everything you don't like about yourself, counter it with something great.

Indulge yourself and do something that you love without letting yourself feel guilty about it. You deserve a break.

Wake up early and have a cup of coffee or tea and watch the sun rise. It really is something to see.

Get to bed early. Enjoy being able to wake up and take your time with yourself rather than rushing.

Go out for lunch with just yourself and a good book. Be satisfied with your own thoughts/ company.

Identify toxic people and activities in your life. If someone or something is always getting you down, drop them!

Take a walk and leave your music player behind. Don't be afraid to be alone with your thoughts.

Face a small fear today, even if it's a little one. Be proud of how strong and capable you are.

Face your life with child-like enthusiasm. Put your cynicism away and just be happy with who you are.