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Getting Civically Involved

For Canada 150 our tips in are all about how Canadian youth can be more civically engaged!

Canadian youth! Check out Justin Trudeau's #PMYouthCouncil & how to get involved.

Get to know the Canadian political parties as a way to get acquainted with the issues.

What news stories inspire you or make you angry? Being aware of this can help guide how you can make change in your community.

Write an email, Tweet or call your local representative about an issue that concerns you. These interactions do get seen!

Start a blog to help focus your ideas, create a platform for dialogue and share concerns about key issues that matter to you.

Talk about politics with friends & family, but always stay true to what you think is right. Your voice & vote is your own.

Read a news story that inspired you or made you mad? Send a message to the editor of the news source and get heard!

Organize events to raise awareness or funds for causes that matter to you. Libraries & community centres are a good place to start!

Civic engagement can mean getting more involved at school. Look into your schools GSA, Social Justice or Student Council clubs.

Spend some time researching groups whose ideals/stance on issues match your own and join up or volunteer.

Join a peaceful demonstration. Young people all over the world have been gathering peacefully as a way to be heard.

Think globally, act locally: world issues can be daunting. Look to what's happening in your community to tackle larger issues.

Get inspiration: See what happened when 12 Indigenous youth were invited to speak with the Senate Committee this spring.

ElectionsON offers all sorts of non-partisan voting info. Worth checking out to stay informed!

Remember that any form of for-profit media needs revenue, so they may be biased. Keep this in mind when you read/watch the news.

Want to be more civically engaged? Our friends at YWCA Canada made a Civic Engagement toolkit for youth.

Look online to find out who represents your area at the municipal, provincial and national level and how to contact them.

Not all news sources are helpful. Find a balanced news source you trust to keep up to date with issues that matter to you.

Incorporating issues that matter to you into school assignments can be a way to stay motivated and excited about school work.

Find out how & when to attend a city council or committee meeting and go. It's a great way to see how the system works.

Create a clear plan before fundraising for a cause or event. Enlisting the help of a mentor for advice can be a huge help.

Talk to people that represent both sides of an issue. Understanding how others think strengthens your own ideas.

Find out how groups are including the youth voice. Ask how you can help them strengthen youth perspectives.

Knowing the levels of government and how they work is essential to being civically involved. Start here.

NewYouth is an online community for young newcomers to Canada with info about civic engagement.

Check out what's happening at your local library. Libraries are often hubs of activity for civically-minded peeps.

Incorporate your local paper or radio station into your fave news sources. They are telling stories that matter to YOUR city.

Don't let being away at school stop you from voting! Find out how students can register to vote.

Being involved with causes can be very satisfying but can also burn you out. Focus on what's important and practice self care.

If you need to get volunteer or placement hours, try and seek out opportunities that'll tap into something you're passionate about.

Being passionate & involved with a cause comes with responsibility. Beware of creating or sharing Fake News in your quest for change.