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Having Pride in Yourself

This month's #mymTips are all about taking pride in yourself! #Proud #SelfEsteem

Help kick off our #mymTips and tell us why you are proud to be #Canadian

Ask your friends/family to tell you 1 thing they admire about you. You might be surprised/pleased at what they have to say! #mymTips

Make a list of 5 things you've done that have helped others, in big or small ways. You've touched lives, & that makes you #awesome. #mymTips

Do a good deed today. It could be buying a coffee for someone, holding a door, helping a neighbour. Good deeds grow pride. #mymTips

Accepting that you have flaws is a part of being proud of yourself and who you are. Embrace all parts of yourself. #mymTips

Do a little research about your cultural heritage. Pick 3 cool facts/positive aspects about it and share them on social media. #mymTips

Think about the simple tasks you do every day, pick one and give it extra effort. Every task is a chance to be your best. #mymTips

Think of a time when you've felt bitter or jealous toward someone. Ask yourself "does their joy/success take away from mine?" #mymTips

Plan to do something soon that's out of your comfort zone. Getting through it will create a sense of #pride & accomplishment #mymTips

Hold your head up & walk tall. You'd be surprised how posture can affect your feelings of pride & confidence #mymTips

Participate in events catering to communities you belong to (like LGBTQ or cultural events) and feel #proud of who you are. #mymTips

Surround yourself with people who lift you up. There's no room in your circle for people who aren't proud of you! #mymTips

Don't wait until you reach a goal to be proud, be proud of every step you take toward reaching that goal! #mymTips

Try to read a whole book by the end of the month. It can be a great feeling of pride & accomplishment in this tech driven age. #mymTips

Don't let pride get in the way of asking for help. Everyone needs help from time to time & it's a strength to admit that. #mymTips

Not forgiving yourself can interfere with your ability to feel proud, so it's time to forgive your mistakes. #mymTips

Telling others about something you did that made you feel proud is a healthy way to show your pride every now and then. #mymTips

Try something new today like a hobby, craft, recipe, etc. Even if it isn't a success, you can be proud that you went out on a limb. #mymTips

Give away items you don't need to a charity or friend in need. De-cluttering & being charitable - both things to be proud of! #mymTips

Being a mentor to a young person can change their life & create a sense of pride in yourself. Check out #mymTips

Gather friends/family to clean up a local park or green space "just because". Pride for everyone involved! #mymTips

Volunteer at a local charity, animal shelter or food bank. It can feel really great to help others and give back. #pride #mymTips

Write down one thing every day that you like about yourself, commit to doing it for one month then re-read it. #pride #mymTips

Try an activity you've always wanted to do but haven't yet. Feel a sense of pride from starting something on your wish list. #mymTips

Increase self-pride by telling yourself that you're worthy and capable of loving and being loved. #pride #mymTips

Take a 5 min self-appreciation break. List 3 things you appreciate about yourself. Doing this will improve self esteem and pride #mymTips

Accept responsibility and consequences of your actions. Be honest and truthful about the choices you make. #integrity #pride #mymTips

If you feel that your friends don't truly accept you for who you are, look for new places to meet people. Find community #mymTips

Instead of comparing yourself to others, look at how far YOU'VE come. Focus on you and your results. #mymTips

Challenge yourself to walking or running a 5km charity event. You will be contributing to a cause, and gaining pride for doing it. #mymTips

If you're proud of someone, be sure to let them know. It can be one of those things that we just don't hear enough! #mymTips