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Healthy Youth Relationships

mindyourmind and the Canadian Red Cross teamed up to work with a group of amazing youth to create social media awareness tools for the Healthy Youth Relationships Respect Education program. Learn more about the team and other tools they created.

Showing respect in your relationship means treating your partner in a way that honours their thoughts and values #NowIKnow #RedCrossRespect

You deserve respect  - no matter what  #RedCrossRespect

Respect for your partner's personal boundaries is a priority and important  #NowIKnow #RedCrossRespect

Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself! Let others know you deserve respect. #RedCrossRespect

Remember that people have different needs/wants in a relationship. #NowIknow #RedCrossRespect

Even during conflict and disagreements, be mindful of your partner’s feelings.  #RedCrossRespect

Never forward personal texts or pictures that someone sends you. It’s a violation of trust and privacy. #NowIKnow  #RedCrossRespect

What you post or send online is permanent. Even if you trust your partner, pictures and messages might not stay private.  #RedCrossRespect

You should never feel pressured to send someone something. Consent is needed online just as much as in person!  #RedCrossRespect

The meaning of messages can be lost in interpretation online, be aware of potential misunderstandings   #NowIKnow #RedCrossRespect

In a trusting relationship there is room and space in your daily lives to do your own thing. #NowIknow #RedCrossRespect

It’s important to make time for your friends and your own hobbies and interests. #RedCrossRespect

Trust in a relationship is built from open and honest communication. Don’t play games. #RedCrossRespect

Trust should increase over time in a healthy relationship. #NowIKnow #RedCrossRespect

Consent is about making sure someone genuinely wants to do whatever you are doing together. #RedCrossRespect

Consent is not passive. Not resisting or not saying anything is not giving consent. Only #YesMeansYes #RedCrossRespect

Free choice is key to consent, meaning it is not valid if given under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or pressure.  #RedCrossRespect

Consent is ongoing, meaning that it can change at any time. It should never be an assumption that consent is given. #RedCrossRespect

Just because there wasn’t a no doesn’t mean it’s a yes. Only #YesMeansYes #RedCrossRespect

Unhealthy relationships are not just cases of physical violence, but can include a lack of emotional support too. #RedCrossRespect

62% of Canadian youth have experienced emotional violence in their relationship. #NowIknow #RedCrossRespect

Words are powerful.  Think about the lasting effect they may have on someone before you say them. #RedCrossRespect

In a healthy relationship you should feel comfortable and safe. A healthy relationship does not involve any violence. #RedCrossRespect

Remember to always be yourself. If others cannot accept that then it's time to reconsider your relationship with them.  #RedCrossRespect

It’s important for each person in the relationship to be open and honest with their partner. #RedCrossRespect

You should be able to express your thoughts and opinions in all your relationships, honestly and truthfully. #RedCrossRespect

Be clear and open about your boundaries. If you’re not sure about your partner’s boundaries, ask!  #RedCrossRespect

67% of youth who experienced dating violence talked to a friend about it. It is important that we know how to help our friends. #RedCrossRespect

We have a responsibility to support people who are experiencing dating violence.  Part of being a good friend is providing support and caring for each other. #RedCrossRespect

If you are experiencing dating violence it is can be hard to ask for help.  Know that you are not alone and you can get through this. Talk to a friend, parent or trusted adult. #RedCrossRespect