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How to Stay Well Rested

Sleep is such an important part of our mental health and overall health. These tips offer you ways to sleep better, feel well rested and enjoy sleeping and dreaming...

  • When you're stressed, remember to slow down, step back and see things from an outside perspective. #MYMTips

  • Mindfulness is great for resting. Take breaks to close your eyes and just be. #MYMTips

  • If you’re feeling stressed, find a song or album you love. Find a comfy seat, sit back and just listen. #MYMTips

  • Avoid electronics before bed. The brightness of the screen stimulates the brain and keeps the body awake. #MYMTips

  • Take 5 minutes to grab a cup of herbal tea or hot chocolate. Focus on every sip and let the warmth relax your body and mind. #MYMTips

  • To unwind in the evening grab a comfy blanket, and curl up to a favourite book, movie or tv show. #MYMTips

  • Take time in the day to go for a walk outside. Sometimes all you need to relax is a change of scenery. #MYMTips

  • Take a minute. Close your eyes and relive a comforting memory. Let the feeling spread throughout your body. #MYMTips

  • You deserve a break. Wherever you are, find some space for yourself (like a washroom) and take a minute just for you. #MYMTips

  • Did you know the brain and heart are composed of 73% water? Take a water break. #MYMTips

  • It’s amazing how often we forget to properly breathe. Right now take 3 slow, full breaths. How does that feel? #MYMTips

  • Playing music not only improves memory, coordination and mental functioning, it is also a great way to rest and release tension! #MYMTips

  • Exercise has been shown to affect your quality and depth of sleep at night. Take time to go for a jog, bike ride, or walk today. #MYMTips

  • Heavy meals, sugar, and caffeine before bed cause stress on the body and interrupt sleep. Settle for a light snack instead. #MYMTips

  • Rooms that are too hot or too cold can disrupt sleep cycles. Make sure your room is at a comfortable temperature. #MYMTips

  • Use your bed only for sleep. Your brain associates your bed with whatever activity is most common there. #MYMTips

  • Taking a warm bath can be a great way to let loose and stay rested. Treat yourself. #MYMTips

  • Having a consistent sleep schedule can greatly improve your quality of sleep. Start a sleep routine and begin feeling the benefits! #MYMTips

  • Having trouble sleeping? Warm milk releases tryptophan which helps you get to sleep quicker! #MYMTips

  • Eating a well balanced diet is extremely important to feeling healthy and rested. Grab an apple and munch away. #MYMTips

  • Before going to bed, write out any concerns you have from your day to clear your mind. #MYMTips

  • Read an inspiring quote during the day to energize your mind. #MYMTips

  • Lavender essential oils help to trigger restfulness. Add some to your room for restful sleep. #MYMTips

  • White noise can be great for creating a calm, relaxing environment. Use a fan, app, or music to get an even better night's rest. #MYMTips

  • Make lists to decrease your daily anxiety and to experience the refreshing feeling of checking off tasks as you complete them. #MYMTips

  • Schedule breaks in the day so you have something to look forward to. If you're happier throughout your day, it will pass quicker. #MYMTips

  • Find enjoyable activities like drawing, painting or making music to release stress and keep your mind worry-free. #MYMTips

  • Don’t go to bed mad. Angry thoughts can ruin a good sleep. #MYMTips

  • Recite a mantra or favourite saying before bed. Positive thoughts can enter your dreams and make for a much more restful sleep. #MYMTips

  • 20 minute naps in the late morning or early afternoon can be a great substitute for coffee or other high caffeine drinks. #MYMTips

  • Keep a notepad by the bed for sleep thoughts. #MYMTips

  • Change the brightness of your computer screen to keep relaxed and ease the strain on your eyes. #MYMTips

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