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January 2022 Affirmations

January 2022 Affirmations

Welcome 2022! Let's start our January off by affirming greatness into our lives! Every day set a positive and healthy intention.


Today I create space to believe in my dreams. Good things ARE possible, and I deserve them. 

I am resilient and have survived hard experiences. Today I create space to celebrate my inner strength and give it some love!

I deserve to enjoy my life! Today I am making the time to be fully present in what makes me happy!

I remember to live in the moment! Today I will remember that fresh experiences and opportunities are available to me.

I love myself! Today, make time to remind yourself of all you have gotten through. You're one special person!

I am putting in the hard work today so that I'm able to spend more time doing things that I enjoy.

Today I will engage in some form of self care to support my mental health.

I acknowledge that today might not go the way I want it to and that is okay.

I am a life long student, taking each day to learn something new from my experiences.

I am okay with taking a step back to let someone else grow in the moment.

I deserve to take up space.

My younger self would be proud of me.

I am open to healing. It is okay to feel good.

I am more than my experiences.

Today is a new day.

I breathe in hope and I exhale the painful things I have experienced and felt.

I let go of things I cannot control.

I look forward to tomorrow and all the possibilities it can bring.

My body is beautiful. I am beautiful.

I do not need to justify how I feel. My emotions are valid.

I am worthy of all the love in the world.

It's okay to take breaks and listen to what my body is saying.

Today I choose to rest, to recuperate, so that I don't experience burnout and am able to achieve my goals in the long run.

I am more than my my failures and successes.

My worth is not attached to my success, my goal is to simply do my best and leave the rest.

In every conversation today, I will take a moment to show gratitude.

Today I choose to focus on positivity by smiling at everybody I see.

My insecurities will not come in the way of making today a great day.

Today I choose to look at the good in any situation that comes my way.

I choose to acknowledge that my environment will not be ideal all the time, and will reach into my self care kit to find the appropriate coping tool to support me in the environment.