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Media Awareness

We may not always realize it, but media influences our wellness!

  • Check out research from Media Smarts to learn about online practices, cyber bullying, digital skills, & more!

  • Do a thorough overview of your social media profiles. If the content is mostly negative, think about how it affects your wellness. 

  • Find an older adult in your life to teach about your fave social media platform. Many want to learn & to them you're an expert!

  • Female friendly gaming communities do exist! Here's some recommended by Gamer Wife, a Canadian female gamer.

  • Even gaming avatars are influenced by self image & reinforce cultural values of "attractiveness," read more.

  • Lean on parents or trusted adults when faced with online conflict. 

  • Use magazines/newspapers for art, like collages or zines! Check out some zines we've shared on our site.

  • Not sure if something you read online is a hoax? is often good for debunking internet rumours!

  • Once a month review your social media contacts and privacy settings. Make conscious decisions about who gets to see what you post. 

  • Think about what you're posting. If you wouldn't want your teacher, grandmother or boss to see it, consider if it's worth posting. 

  • If you ever see or find yourself in an argument with an internet troll, find safe and healthy ways to respond.

  • Think about how you respond to online harassment. Talk to your friends about it & make a plan to support each other if it happens.

  • Ask before posting pictures and posts about others. Respect their decision if they say "no" and request the same of your friends.

  • Educate yourself on rights and responsibilities before sending or receiving nude pictures via social media.  

  • Constant negativity in the news can affect your mental health. Take a news break, or check out sites like Postive.News

  • Movies often cover complex ideas and themes. Next time you see a movie with a friend, debrief and unpack those ideas with them! 

  • Some music can be violent, racist, homophobic or overly sexual. Be mindful of the impact it may have on you.

  • Music is powerful. Make different playlists to lift your mood or mellow you out. 

  • Even news media can produce harmful stereotypes about marginalized groups. Be mindful about what you read and believe online. 

  • Media can show a narrow idea of beauty. Seek out alternative blogs & magazines and expose yourself to fresh images: RookieMag.

  • Think of your favourite fictional couple & compare to real relationships. Now think about your expectations, are they realistic? 

  • Try tracking your media consumption on a weekday or weekend. Results may be surprising & helpful in understanding your media habits.

  • Try setting aside a time where you purposely 'park' your phone out of reach. Taking a break might be rejuvenating. 

  • There are great sites you can go to for a mindfulness break. Two of our favourites: This is Sand and The Quiet Place Project.

  • If Internet use is interfering with your life, look for other ways to find more balance with your time.

  • If you find yourself encountering upsetting racist/sexist content online, take a break from the web or seek out safe online spaces.

  • "Binge-watching" shows has become common. Is it affecting your mental health? 

  • Reach out to a friend who you haven’t seen in a while and make a plan to meet up IRL. Face to face connections are important!

  • If you're having trouble sleeping, try to avoid screens for at least an hour before bed time, or try a screen dimming app. 

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