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Men's Mental Health

Men's Mental Health

This batch of tips will address men’s mental health, giving space to male-identifying contributors, providing resources and coping strategies.

Physical and emotional health are important to everyone. Everyone needs support sometimes and everyone deserves it. As a man, your mental wellness is as important as anyone else's. Validate and own your feelings. - Josh

It's okay to ask for help when you're struggling. Everyone goes through tough times and just because you're a male doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help. - Andy

Find a loving and accepting community to be a part of. It's not always immediate, but you can find your people! It took me 27 years. - Sailor

Quayce Thomas is an inspiring advocate who founded Timsle, a web-based accountability network designed to help people improve their physical & mental health. Check out the interview we did with him.

Seek and prioritize friendships, share your experiences with friends and put in effort to reflect on them. If you keep everything to yourself you can't expand beyond your own perspective. - Jon

@HeadsUpGuys is a project based at The University of British Columbia that focuses on depression and recovery for male-identifying people. We had the chance to interview them, you can give that a read!

In Canada, death by suicide among men is approximately 3x higher than it is in women. It's even higher among Indigenous men. You're not alone, reach out for support if you need it. - Josh

Movember is the leading charity changing the face of men’s health. They tackle different stigmatized issues, including mental health and suicide prevention. Learn more by visiting their website.

Starting a new hobby can be great for your mental health. - Andy / Some examples could be refurbishing furniture, hiking, or learning a language!

Reach out when you feel your mental health issues creeping up. It's easier said than done, but it helps so much to be able to talk to people when you're going through stuff and not just bottle it up. - Chris

tethr is an app that provides a safe space for men to connect with each other, build a community and talk about mental health. Learn more by visiting their website.

Throughout the pandemic many of us have been cooped up indoors as we continue to work from home. Take a moment to experience nature by going for short walk or hike to relax your mind. - Ravi

It's okay to let go of people who aren't good for you, you can always redefine yourself. - Sailor

One of the number one things that gives me fulfillment is helping or being a part of other people's lives. -Anon

Tyler "Stewie" Stewart is a passionate advocate for mental health and music. Learn more about him and his initiative "Musicians 4 Mental Health" in an interview we did with him.

Getting out and being active, or grabbing a coffee with friends and family, are some ways that help clear my mind for the better. - Andy 

Finding an outlet to express emotions helps a lot. For me, I'll write a song or riff about how I feel. - Chris

Let those closest to you know if you’re facing mental health issues. We openly let our friends and family know about the status of our physical health. We should be comfortable sharing how we’re feeling mentally in a similar way. - Ravi

In this episode, Joseph Barker: Connecting the Dots, Joey shares about his journey through the evolution of life, his experiences on Team Canada in the paralympics, adulting & how changing your mindset can help your body heal.

Get plenty of sleep, that can be one of the best things for your mental health. - Andy / Check out Healthy Sleep Habits for tips.

Don't be afraid to cry or communicate your feelings, it's healthy! - Sailor

Try to reduce the number of hours you spend on social media by using features like App Limit to set daily time limits for different social media apps. Instead, use that time to read an article or go for a short walk. - Ravi

Jim Han is a talented artist, dancer, community developer and social entrepreneur who stems from humble beginnings. Check out this podcast episode, Jim Han: Connecting the Dots for some inspiration from Jim.

NextGenMen is a nonprofit organization that addresses the narrative around what it means to be "masculine" and how it effects young men.

Try to be present and pay attention in the current moment (also known as mindfulness). - Andy

D.O Gibson is a Canadian rapper, motivational speaker, author, and anti-bullying advocate. You can find inspiration from him in this podcast episode, D.O. Gibson: Connecting the Dots.

Make time for you and things you like to do. - Andy

It is OK to talk to your friends. They aren't just there to enjoy life with. Real friendship is like a bond between humans to help each other. -Anon

@CodyCoyoteMusic is a hip-hop artist, radio host, motivational speaker and advocate from Ottawa. He is of is of Ojibwe/Irish descent with ancestry from Matachewan First Nation. Check out the inspiring interview he had with us.

SickNotWeak is a community of individuals engaging open conversations around mental health to reduce the stigma and isolation that many may experience. You can learn more and join by checking out their website