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September #mymTips are about surviving and thriving during a move for school or work. 

Moving is a great opportunity to get rid of old or unworn clothes. Sell or donate and feel good about starting fresh.

Nervous about meeting your new roommates? Connect with them via social media before moving in and make plans to hang out!

Pack according to which room the items belong in. It makes for an easier move in to know where each box should go.

Pack a change of clothes & essentials in a separate box and label to avoid sifting thru boxes to find a fresh shirt on moving day!

Look at grocery or retail stores or even put a request on kijiji to see if ppl are getting rid of boxes for packing.

Have left over non-perishable food? Stop by and donate it to a food bank or invite friends over to eat it up on your last day!

Take pictures of your new apartment or dorm room before you move your things in to get your security deposit back in the end.

Did you know your landlord has to give you 24 hrs notice before entering your apartment? Learn your rights.

Just moved in? Grab your headphones and take a walk through your new 'hood to get the lay of the land and ease nerves.

Discuss basic living rules with roommates NOW. Don't wait until there's a problem or "figure it out later".

Think about your personal boundaries and ask your roommates about theirs. This can head off conflict before it happens.

Plan a day or night out with new roommates within the first couple of weeks of moving in to bond and get to know each other.

When you move to a new place, make a standing appointment every week to Facetime or Skype friends from home.

Want to explore your new city but afraid of getting lost? Google maps app allows for you to download areas and use it offline!

Feeling lonely after moving is common. Research meetup groups or activities to meet new people with the same hobbies as you.

Conflict with roommates will happen, so when it does talk it out with them right away. Don't let it fester or escalate.

EVERYONE needs alone time. Talk with roommates about schedules and aim for a routine to allow for "me time".

New roommates? Plan a weekly "roommate dinner" where you take turns cooking, or cook together. Good convos happen over shared food.

New place lacking personality? Check out the dollar store or Goodwill store for some cheap and cute decorations.

Treat your rental home with respect, and expect the same from your landlord and the guests you have over.

Have your friends over, but respect roommates by letting them know and being mindful of their privacy/schedule.

Be a good roommate and make a habit of picking up after yourself before you go to bed every night.

Old enough to be on your own = old enough to communicate with your roommates in a way that is respectful!

Remember that moving is stressful for EVERYONE and make sure you carve out time for hobbies, reflection & self care!

Want to hang things up but aren't allow to use nails in the walls? Use 3M Command hooks!

Hang photos of friends and family or happy memories in your new space with the aim of adding new memories to is as you go.

Having a clean space can help you feel in control and reduce stress (for your roommates too!).

If you're in a new city for the year, update your emergency contact list & safety plan and tell someone you trust where to find it.

Volunteering in your new city can be rewarding and a great way to connect to the community.

Be mindful of financial situation of yourself & your roommates. How & when bills are paid should be respected & clear from day 1.

You're only obligated to be respectful to your roommates. You don't need to hang out all the time or be bffs if you don't want to.