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Random Acts of Kindness

Random acts of kindness can turn someone's day completely around, and you'll feel good doing it too! We hope these tips inspire you.

Give an honest compliment. Let a person know what you like or appreciate about them - even better if it's not about appearance.

Organize a handmade gift exchange between a group of friends. Could be books, clothes, or crafts.

Send a friend or family member a card in the mail. Receiving snail mail can brighten someone's day.

Leave some change in the vending machine for someone else to get a treat. Leave a note if you like.

Go online and write positive reviews/comments about your favourite local coffee shops, blogs, services etc.

Have a book you really enjoyed? Donate it to a library, school, or friend so someone else can share that enjoyment for free!

Try to hold open every door that you pass through today for someone else, especially if their hands are full.

Receiving really good service at a restaurant? Make a point of telling your server, and/or ask for the manager and tell them!

Help a neighbour with cleaning up around their yard, or planting some flowers in their garden.

Walking by some cars in metered parking spots? Check the meters as you walk by and add some pocket change if any are close to expiring.

When you're in line at a store and someone looks stressed or rushed, let them go in front of you.

Make someone a cake, a batch of cookies, or a meal and drop it off at their door, "just because".

Make a card and fill it out with kind thoughts and wishes. Leave it for someone random to find.

Get involved at a senior's home: Volunteer to read, walk with, play board games with, or give free manicures to residents.

Pick some flowers (ones that can be legally picked of course ha-ha) and give them to someone to brighten their day.

Write a note to a friend, co-worker, teacher, your bus driver, barista etc. to tell them you appreciate them.

Try and smile at as many strangers you can today, it will probably make their day AND yours.

Offer to pay someone's bus fare when they can't find money or afford it. Keep a spare ticket or two on hand.

Make a dozen 'have a great day' personalized post-its and leave them around places you go.

Actually talk to your sales clerks. Ask them how their day is going, it can really make a difference. It's shocking how often people treat them like they aren't humans.

Leave a kind comment on social media. Be the person who leaves a positive comment, not negative like we so often see.

Clean out your closet and donate some clothing. Get rid of anything you haven't worn in a few years.

Treat a friend to a coffee or tea. Take some time and chat with them about what's new.

When you ask someone how they are, actually listen for the answer. If you don't think they are fine, ask again.

Make your own bookmarks (or zines) and leave them in library books for others to find.

Donate some groceries to the local food bank. Anything helps, but try to give quality items over quantity.

Leave extra change at the laundromat for others to use. This can really come in handy to someone.

Buy or make some treats and share them with your coworkers or friends to brighten up their day.

Tutor someone. We all have something we excel at; figure out what yours is and offer it to your community.

Support your friend's activities - go to a sports game or performance and cheer them on.

Go to the Dollar Store and leave a dollar somewhere. This is especially nice in the childrens' toys section.