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Self Harm and Coping Tips

Tips about self harm and healthy coping skills.

If a loved one struggles with self harm get informed about why this might be & how to help.

Do an activity that will occupy your thoughts and use your physical energy, such as going for a walk or run.

Squeeze, knead or smooth clay, play-doh, or a stress ball to relieve tension and to avoid self harm.

Self harm is not about attention-seeking or just a weird phase. Learn more here.

Keep a helpline number with you at all times if you need somebody to talk to instead of turning to self harm.

Remember that you've had tough times before, and you've made it through.

Carry an object with you, like a smooth stone, a fidget toy or play-doh to focus on if you feel like you're going to self harm.

Think about how others impact you. Who escalates the problem and who makes you feel better?

Write on your palm using your fingertip. Focus on the sensation and use it to ground yourself.

Create a coping skills toolbox, decorate it and write down things that help you cope when you're feeling overwhelmed/stressed/sad.

Finish the sentence: "I feel _______" and know that whatever the answer is, it's not "wrong". No feeling is "wrong".

Every morning, tell yourself "I love you. I'm sorry. I forgive you. Thank you." Practice gratitude and forgiveness.

Write out what you're feeling when the urge to self harm arises. You might be surprised how it can help relieve some negativity.

Do some deep belly breaths, in and out 5 times. You can do it, you can get past these feelings you are having.

Make an actual list of your strengths to post where you can see it. Add to it as you discover more about yourself.

If you're feeling the urge to self harm, get an ice cube and hold it till it melts in your hand. It can distract and/or relieve the compulsion.

Download the Be SafeApp to help make a crisis plan and access resources you need to get help.

Crying is our body's way of dealing with feelings. Tears are cathartic and healing sometimes. Let it out.

Treat yourself to some compliments! Use social media to ask people you know & trust to explain what they like best about you.

Some non-judgmental self-talk can help if you self harm. Ask yourself "Why are you doing this? What can I do next time?".

Reward yourself when you've had a good day and avoided self harm! Safety is a good reason to celebrate.

Be aware of potential triggers. Knowing them can be a step towards protecting yourself.

Find 10 new wellness tips to try. Track your progress in a journal or calendar on Mood. app.

Before you self harm or use substances, ask: Am I Hungry? Angry? Lonely? Tired? #HALT

Message or call someone before you self harm. Taking a minute to delay & distract can be all it takes to quiet the impulse.