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Suicide Prevention in School

These tips are about suicide awareness and prevention in your school. Learn new skills, info and resources to reach out, get help and give help.

It's that time again: back to school! Although exciting, it can also be stressful. Have a plan in case of a crisis.

Bullying can lead to suicide. Create a zero tolerance culture in your school See Bullying Canada for support.

Locate mental health resources in your school now, so you know where they are when you need them.

Print this card and carry it in your backpack as a reminder on how to help a friend.

Make a list of mental health pros in your school (counsellor, nurse, social worker, etc). Share with all students.

Find a suicide prevention training workshop near you to become a mental health asset in your community.

Enlist the help of a mental health pro in your school to start a peer support group. Look into suicide prevention training.

Find a mental health and suicide prevention advocate / motivational speaker in your area. Get them to speak at your school!

Talk about suicide with your friends, openly and without judgement to raise awareness about how to get help.

It's World Suicide Prevention Day 2015. Download Passport 4 Living and build your resilience and positive mental health everyday.

Put together a #suicideprevention and mental health education day for your school.

Know ur limits when helping a friend. You don't have to do it alone. Self care and boundaries are important.

Learn the warning signs that a friend might be suicidal so you can get help if needed. 

If your friend refuses to get help, they may not be thinking clearly. You may need to call 911 on their behalf.

Suicide prevention isn't just about managing crisis. It's also about everyday wellness. Find tips here!

Need help but don't know where to call? Try these numbers (Canada, US and beyond).

Keep this list of qs on how to talk about suicide with someone you’re worried about.

Find out where the safe spaces and support people are in your school and make sure your friends know too. Start with the Guidance dept.

Look for people in your classes that seem disengaged or left out and invite them to eat lunch with you, join your group, or grab a coffee.

School life can be full of ups and downs. Try tracking your mood to identify patterns or trends day-to-day.

Many schools have mental health clubs or healthy school committees. Join up to make a difference and some new friends!

You can call a crisis line on behalf of a friend to get some guidance or advice. 

Ask your teacher, school social worker or guidance counselor what steps are taken to access services in your school.

Look for opportunities to integrate mental health and suicide prevention info into school assignments, projects or presentations.

Think of at least one staff person at your school that you like and trust, and make a plan to talk to them if you need help for yourself or a friend.

If you are a senior student, get involved with activities that will allow you to mentor younger students as they transition into their new school.

Enter the numbers for your local crisis line, poison control and other emergency contacts into your phone in case you need to call in a hurry.

Many people who have thoughts of suicide will mention it to someone. If a friend is talking about suicide, take it seriously and seek help.

LGBTQ youth are at higher risk of suicide. Learn how to change negative hurtful messages with Aerin The Ally.

Being there for a friend can make all the difference. Share these posters with classmates for info on how to support.