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Summer Self Care

This month's #mymTips are all about self care in the summer

  • Relax outdoors. Grab a blanket and a book and hit up a park or beach.

  • Take your workout outside instead of the gym at least some of the time. Jog, bike, walk, swim, do yoga.

  • Drink more water. Staying hydrated is important, especially if you struggle with low energy.

  • Sleep outside with a friend in a tent, a hammock, a makeshift bed, whatever! Curl up and enjoy the warm summer nights.

  • Plant a late summer garden. Turnips, leeks & broccoli are healthy and ok to plant in August.

  • Grow some fresh herbs on a windowsill to spice up your cooking this summer!

  • Not everyone has air conditioning. Seek libraries, malls, community centres etc. to find shelter and feel well on those muggy days.

  • Don't blow off therapy just because it's summer. Maintain regular treatments to keep up with your mental health.

  • Wear bright colors! It's summer, so why not be bold and creative with your outfits?

  • If you're into sports, try out a new one that's adventurous like rockclimbing, surfing, or horseback riding!

  • Instead of buying produce at the supermarket, find a local farm and pick your own veggies.

  • Catch up or reconnect with an old friend. Feeling connected is an important part of our wellness.

  • Make a standing appointment for an outdoor walk with a friend or co-worker. Green spaces can be invigorating and reduce stress.

  • Take a road trip, it doesn't have to be far! Get a group together for a trip to the beach or exploring.

  • Keeping busy and having fun doesn't mean sacrificing your sleep. Getting enough sleep is super important for a balanced mood.

  • Volunteer in your community. Helping others and making a difference can have benefits on your own mental health.

  • Treat yourself to fresh flowers. They can boost your mood and enhance your environment.

  • Bored? Find new hobbies. Draw, create art, crafts, write, join a team, learn a new game, the possibilities are endless.

  • Journal idea: write down one thing you are grateful for each day.

  • Did you enjoy bedtime stories as a kid? Audiobooks can be a great way to forget your worries when falling asleep.

  • Try out some essential oils and see how they impact your mood or energy. Added bonus: lavendar is good for keeping away mosquitos.

  • Enjoy salty snacks like peanuts or pretzels, paired with water they can help to keep you hydrated!

  • Hard times can hit unexpectedly, even in summer. Download Be Safe on ur phone to help you make decisions in a crisis.

  • Gameify some outdoor time with friends/family. Find/make a scavenger hunt to do on a sunny day or warm evening.

  • Try to get outside of the city and spend some time just laying out and watching the stars as they appear in the sky.

  • Head to the park with some of the toys you loved as a kid: skipping rope, chalk, bubbles, etc. Let out your inner child!.

  • Take a break from technology, it can be super rejuvenating!

  • Being outside appreciating nature's beauty can be calming, practice nature photography or make sketches.

  • Go barefoot whenever safe and possible. Feel the earth beneath your toes and let your feet relax.

  • Go somewhere new. Whether a nearby town or a different part of town, explore new places, shops, streets & be inspired.

  • Make a pot of your favourite tea & put it in the fridge. A few hours later add some ice and enjoy your own iced tea!

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