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Taking Care During the School Year

Getting back to school can be overwhelming. Here are some tips for coping with student life.

Back to school is a huge stressor for many of us! Take some time to think about what will help you be successful this academic school year. Who are your support people and how can you access them when you need to?

Not sure about a course you've enrolled in? Meet with a guidance counsellor or an academic advisor to talk about your options! You don't have to stay in a class if it's not for you!

Transitioning from summertime to schooltime can be pretty overwhelming. No matter how much you prepare, it can still feel unsettling getting back into the swing of things. Don't be afraid to take a step back to find your footing before you embark on the new school year!

Tough day at school? Remember that brighter days are to come. Tomorrow is a brand new day. You've got this!

Establish a healthy sleep schedule that you can stick to throughout the year. Be realistic and mindful of what's best for you.

Staying organized when it comes to your schoolwork can be a big help. Try out some strategies like using a planner/calendar, highlighting important information or organizing your notes after school. What does staying organized look like for you?

Do you feel anxious before writing an exam? You're not alone. Many students face test anxiety, so grab a few friends and try to study together! It often helps to hear what other people have to say about a topic, and that way you can bounce around ideas.

Needing to get good grades can be stressful! Focus on doing your best, and remember that your worth is not defined by your average. Ask for help from your teachers if the pressure is getting to be too much.

Too busy to pack a lunch? It could be impacting your energy and focus. Take time the night before to pack your lunch.

It can be a balancing act trying to manage both extra-curriculars and homework. So, each week block off some time in your busy schedule for self-care. Mark it down on your calendar or put a reminder in your phone — that way you can commit to it!

Your brain can only handle so much information while studying, so make sure to take breaks! Practice studying for 30 minutes to an hour at a time, then taking a 10 minute break.

Are you going to a party this weekend? Check out the Getting High tool to help you make safe decisions.

Seeing all of the snapchats but not at the party? Trust us, you're not missing out. Take a break from social media and do something that you enjoy! There's more to life than being at the party.

It's tough being in the middle of friend drama. Try to remove yourself from the situation and redirect your focus while things settle down. Is there a friend you've been meaning to catch up with? Or an assignment you're needing to start?

Need to get away from the stress of school? Take a walk in nature. Or try out a yoga or exercise class on campus — they're usually low in cost or even free!

Journal before bed or when you get up in the morning! Write down what's been on your mind and stressing you out. Practice gratitude by jotting down who and what you are grateful for.

Recharge after a long day by taking a nap! To help you feel refreshed, keep it under 30 minutes!

Sometimes we just need someone to listen when we're going through a difficult time. Reach out to a trusted friend or adult to talk. People are here for you, they care and they want to help.

Blast music that makes you happy and dance your heart out. It may seem strange but it can help to boost your spirits or allow you to shake things off!

Get creative when you're needing some self-care — write a poem, paint, do a puzzle, make a pinterest inspired dormroom decoration.

Self-care isn't glamorous, nor is it selfish. Be practical: hop in the shower, brush your teeth, do the laundry you've been meaning to do.

Get out in the community and volunteer! Giving back can be a very rewarding and uplifting experience!

Relationship problems can interfere with your success in school and lead to more stress. Try to find ways to make clear boundaries with the person you are having the problems with so you can still focus on school.

Getting a part time job can help with your finances and help you learn new skills. There are a lot of job fairs or employment services that can help you with your resume and interview skills.

You may find yourself in times of crisis this school year. Create a safety plan using the Be Safe App. You deserve help.

It's important to take care of your sexual health during the school year. Stay safe and protect yourself. Visit your local health unit if you have any questions or concerns, and play Adventures in Sex City for more info!

Begin the year by setting some goals for yourself. It can help you to stay motivated and push you to work hard.

Don't let your fear of failure stop you from learning and creating. Grow from your mistakes and keep going.

Panic attacks are scary, and unfortunately they may happen at school. Check out Anatomy of a Panic Attack to learn what to do if you're experiencing one.

Sometimes all you can accomplish in a day is getting out of bed in the morning. That's okay. Take it one moment, one hour and one day at a time.