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Tips on Back to School

#mymTips are all about preparing for the back to school routine in a manageable way.

Start getting back into a sleep routine for school! Try to be in bed at least 9hrs before you have to wake. #mymTips

Make a visit to your school's guidance office. See what services they offer so you're ready if you need them. #mymTips

You'd be surprised how many other students are having the same fears as you are about the upcoming school year, you're not alone! #mymTips

Getting stressed about all the things you have to do? List them in order of priority and tackle one at a time! #mymTips

Get all your school gear ready before bed, including a lunch. Then you won't be as rushed in the morning and can even sleep in! #mymTips

Introduce yourself to three random people. Not everyone will become a friend, but one just might. #mymTips

Write your favourite quotes throughout your notebooks/binders to feel inspired when you open them up. #mymTips

Do all your readings before the given class, it'll make note-taking easier. Consider recording your lectures in case you tune out! #mymTips

Pin point what is stressing you out most and work on solutions or ways that help you cope with that specific issue. #mymTips

Have a smartphone? Download a productivity app to help you organize your increasingly hectic life. #mymTips

Get some groceries to make an elaborate breakfast tomorrow morning so you can start your Monday with a kick! #mymTips

Remember that everything is best in moderation. The trifecta for school success: work hard, have fun & protect your mental health. #mymTips

Check out your school gym. It's amazing how much better you can feel after getting some endorphins pumping! #mymTips

Recognize your negative thought processes and try to shift them into positives. Accept that it'll likely take time and practice. #mymTips

Make a note of anything positive that happens to you throughout the day. In tough moments, look at the list for a pick-me-up. #mymTips

Acknowledge when you need to take it easy and spend some time alone. Don't be afraid to let your people know you need "you time". #mymTips

Clean your room if it's messy. It may not be fun, but it can be hard to focus in a dirty room. #mymTips

Try to avoid energy drinks. While they may be a quick pick-up, they can increase anxiety and will result in a steep energy crash. #mymTips

Use your planner to schedule when assignments are due. When you see a busy week, plan ahead and complete some early if you can. #mymTips

Ask for help if you need any, there's no shame in it. Alternatively, if you feel great, help a friend who needs it. #mymTips

Try your best and remember that your mental health is more important than your grades. #mymTips

Stop making excuses. Whether it's starting that paper or taking some time off, it's time to switch gears. #mymTips

Discover a new band, download their stuff, and make a studying playlist (or check out for pre-made lists)! #mymTips

Don't let yourself skip classes, once you start it can be easy to make a habit of it. #mymTips

Remember, it's okay not to be the best, you are awesome at a combination of things totally unique to you! #mymTips

No matter how busy things seem to get, make sure you're setting aside time for self-care (bubble baths, walks, relaxing, etc.) #mymTips

There's a saying, "grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change..." live by that today. #mymTips

Take some time to see if your goals/ priorities have shifted over the month. Hindsight is 20/20 #mymTips

Explore the internet and local library for the information and tools to help you succeed, whatever your goal is. #mymTips

"Promise me you'll always remember you're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." #mymTips