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Using Tech Efficiently

This month's #mymTips are about using technology efficiently to avoid frustration and stress! #dailyTips at noon

Did you know? You can double-click a word to highlight it in any document, e-mail or Web page! #mymTips

Taking pics outdoors? Turn the flash on even if it's sunny out. It brightens people's faces. #mymTips #AllThePhotoCreds

Emails about "problems with your account" may be a scam trying to get u to enter passwords. When in doubt, call the company & ask. #mymTips

Hide all windows with 1 keystroke: Windows key+D, F11 or Command+F3 on Macs. Press the keystroke again to go back. #mymTips

You can tap the Space bar to scroll down on a Web page one screenful. Add the Shift key to scroll back up. #mymTips

iPhone users: Hit the Space bar twice at the end of each sentence= period, space and capitalized letter 2 start ur next sentence! #mymTips

Did you know? Google is good at math! Type in your equation and hit "enter". Use the * for "times" and / for "divided by" #mymTips

Files in your recycle bin continue to take up space on your hard drive until you empty the trash. #mymTips

The default settings on Facebook make your profile public. Go to Privacy under Settings, and alter them the way you want them. #mymTips

Spring clean your files and folders, & be vigilant about saving things in properly labelled files. It saves time & reduces errors. #mymTips

BACK UP YOUR STUFF! Save yourself stress & heartache from losing files. External hard drive+ Cloud storage = peace of mind #mymTips

There are lots of IT forums that even pros use. Try to troubleshoot next time you have a tech issue. #mymTips

Keep your computer/phone clean to stay organized and avoid security issues. Apps you're not using should be deleted. #mymTips

Change passwords often. Try a password manager like Dashlane or Zoho to help you create and keep track of passwords. #mymTips

Apps and critical software that aren't updated can cause problems. Re-start your devices just before you go to bed to do updates. #mymTips

Did you know? You can switch from one open program to the next by pressing Alt+Tab (Windows) or Command-Tab (Mac) #mymTips

See a shocking post on your fave SM platform? Check or do a quick search to make sure it's true before re-sharing. #mymTips

Did you know? You can enlarge the text on any Web page. Windows: Ctrl & plus or minus keys; Mac: Command key & plus or minus. #mymTips

Try using the Google Keep app. Create notes, lists, colour code stuff for easy search...great stuff 4 students to stay organized. #mymTips

Use a tennis ball cut in half to amplify your iPad speaker! or put your phone in a cup to amplify music #mymTips #MindBlown

On calculator, the "C" button is to clear all entry, whereas the "CE" button is to clear the most recent entry only. #mymTips

Add a fake email address to your contact list. If a bot starts sending out spam using your email address, you’ll get a bounce back. #mymTips

Put a fuzzy sticker/spot of superglue on one side of your phone charger to more easily plug in for the night when it's dark. #mymTips #lazy

Startup taking forever? Do a quick check on the apps that start up when you turn on your comp & disable the ones you don't need. #mymTips

The whole "Macs don't get viruses" thing isn't always true. Do regular malware scans whether you've got a Mac or PC. #mymTips

Your phone may have an auto-brightness feature. If it does, use it. It saves battery life. #mymTips

Working on a group project? Do all work in a shared Google doc. All group members can edit, comment and share ideas, no excuses. #mymTips

Your digital footprint matters. Manage it by reviewing privacy settings, deleting unused accounts and think before you post. #mymTips

Little Lego guy hands are the perfect size for holding cords. Make a DIY cord holder with some LEGO and have fun in the process! #mymTips

You can create a QR code with your WiFi info instead of telling your password to every guest that comes over. #mymTips