Youth and Young Adults


Then I Found You

Picked apart like a poorly done project
Face red, mind blue
Censoring words like a strict world leader,
I found you

My hands would sweat and my heart would flutter
Not in a good way, but with you
I feel like butter
Slip into a smile because
I found you

What I wear, the talk I dare
Watching how and what I do
Now my soul can celebrate
With you, I'll always be with you

If life is a treasure hunt,
my search ends here,
It ends with two.

Options Recognized Clothing

Max contacted us from the shiny red apple - New York, New York! He created this business to reduce the stigma attached to mental illness and reaching out for help when it’s needed.

This is what Max had to say:

The Secret to Interpersonal Happiness

As much as we desire being connected to others — good friendships, a wonderful romantic relationship, close family members — this connection always comes at a cost.

We get frustrated by other people.

Episode 2: Stress and Staying Grounded

When a person thinks about touring it is easy to envision the best parts of it. However, what many don’t see is the stress and toll that the musicians face as a result of being away from home, not getting enough sleep on the bus and being in the same space for long periods of time. This episode features the question: How do you manage stress and stay grounded?

We Podcast NOW!

Our summer student, Chelsey has been working on a secret project for the past 3 months… Podcasting! That’s right mindyourmind has entered the podcasting world.