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Thrive: One Province at a Time (English, French and Hindi)

mindyourmind partnered with a group of youth across Canada to develop the Thrive: One Province at a Time journal book. This book is a journey. As you work through each province you’ll learn new skills and have more resources to support your mental health. You’ll notice road signs along the way and each means something different for you to reflect or work on. Make Thrive your own and keep working towards all the things you want! 

Download and print your own copy.

Thank you to our youth team: Jenelle, Grace, Myera, Dakshina, Zoya, McKinley and Nameerah. Read more about the group at CSC Online Design Lab, Summer and Fall 2020

Check out to learn more about this Federal initiative.

UPDATE August, 2022

We are so excited to offer this book to Blind and visually impaired youth!

At mindyourmind, we are committed to improving the accessibility of our tools so more young people can benefit from them. Whether you have a disability or not, we all have mental health. As a mental health program, it is up to us to improve the way we speak about wellness, so everyone can be included.

If you would like a copy of Thrive in Braille, please contact us at 

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